Circle wants every day to strengthen relations of trust and transparency with its customers and transform (“touch”) ideas into concrete and measurable business results, by providing process and management consulting services, innovative technological solutions and digital marketing solutions.

Circle is then a credible partner for Italian and European companies that want to seize the challenge of innovation, internationalization, growth through a better organization and effective processes.

Circle has a specific vertical expertise in ports, maritime and intermodal logistics that make it a distinctive and complete partner in this specific industry.

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Circle, according to a strong committment about the need of improvement for business skills, started a path for a continuous improvement of the quality for the services provided and especially for a continuous optimization of the business processes.

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Circle is at “Romania Connected” presenting, with the CEO Luca Abatello, concrete opportunities of transforming transport policies and international trends into business performances for Romanian market and Black Sea Region through innovative technological solutions for transport and logistics sector. Mr. Abatello will have a speech titled “Automation, integration and interoperability along the supply chain: concrete opportunities of building optimisation, international fast […]

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Circle’s shareholders’ meeting, which took place last 6th August in Genoa, has decided to transform the legal status of the company into public limited company (S.p.A.) with immediate effect. The decision was shared by all shareholders, i.e. companies InnoTech S.r.l., attributable to Circle’s President and CEO Luca Abatello, and Alcalela S.r.l., attributable to Circle’s Counselor […]

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Circle, within Log@Sea company network, takes part in Black Sea Ports & Shipping 2018 (Varna, 21 -23 May). Circle CEO, Luca Abatello, will analyze themes like automation and blockchain within Session 4 ” Black Sea supply chain spectrum – Innovations in facilitating regional and international trade” with the speech titled “Automation, integration and interoperability along the supply chain: […]

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Circle, within the company network Log@Sea, takes par in Med Ports (Leghorn, 18 – 19 April). On 18 April Circle CEO, Luca Abatello, will analyze in depth the themes related to  “Internet of things, blockchain and digitalisation among international logistic chain: Industry 4.0 projects and fast trade lane experiences” during his speech in the session “Efficiency in cargo […]

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Circle, with CEO Luca Abatello, takes part in “Smart Port International Conference” (Tehran, 27 February) with a speech titled “Extended smart port and international fast trade lanes” to analyze in depth how innovative customs procedures, IoT, blockchain, digitalization and automation could increase business and operative performance. Here the pictures of the event:             […]

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In Circle

  • Luca Abatello
    Luca Abatello CEO
  • Alexio Picco
    Alexio Picco Business Development and Funding Director

    Connecting EU

  • Francesca Martino
    Francesca Martino Head of Accounting Department
  • Andrea Grassullo
    Andrea Grassullo Head of RFID & Mobile Department
  • Stefano Parisi
    Stefano Parisi Software Developer
  • Simone Siria
    Simone Siria Consultant
  • Valeria Burlando
    Valeria Burlando Marketing
  • Marilena Branchina
    Marilena Branchina Consultant Cubit Scarl
  • Beatrice D’Auria
    Beatrice D’Auria EU Funding Specialist
  • Simone Pacciardi
    Simone Pacciardi EU Transport Specialist
  • Claudia Caballini
    Claudia Caballini Business and Process Consultant in Ports, Logistics and Transportation
  • Dioniso Reale
    Dioniso Reale Analyst programmer
  • Marina Vonsovich
    Marina Vonsovich Technical Help Desk and Project Analyst
  • Allison Lucero
    Allison Lucero Software Developer
  • Thomas Decimo
    Thomas Decimo Junior Consultant
  • Veronica Asta
    Veronica Asta PhD student in Logistics and Transport (CIELI)

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