Circle wants every day to strengthen relations of trust and transparency with its customers and transform (“touch”) ideas into concrete and measurable business results, by providing process and management consulting services, innovative technological solutions and digital marketing solutions.

Circle is then a credible partner for Italian and European companies that want to seize the challenge of innovation, internationalization, growth through a better organization and effective processes.

Circle has a specific vertical expertise in ports, maritime and intermodal logistics that make it a distinctive and complete partner in this specific industry.

Circle, according to a strong committment about the need of improvement for business skills, started a path for a continuous improvement of the quality for the services provided and especially for a continuous optimization of the business processes.

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Circle Group inside the Supply Chain


CIRCLE Group will supply with Milos® San Cataldo Container Terminal (“SCCT”), a subsidiary of Yilport Holding AS operating in the Port of Taranto.  Circle will deliver to SCCT Milos® eCustoms services and Customs Registers modules in order to ensure a total integration with AIDA, the IT platform of Agency of Customs and the Monopolies, and to satisfy […]

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Circle takes part to European project MOSES, (AutoMated Vessels and Supply Chain Optimisation for Sustainable Short Sea Shipping), EU-funded research and innovation action focused on maritime transport in the framework of Horizon 2020 Programme, receiving a contribution of EUR 266.875. Circle Group’s Business Unit Connecting EU will manage strategic tasks as dissemination through the digital multichannel platform for Motorways […]

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Circle strengthens Log@Sea business network – bringing to 51% its participation , with remaining 49% for Aitek – with the purpose of offering services for the Gate Automation, the digitisation of port and intermodal nodesand and the Traffic Monitoring. Log@Sea’s software products exploit Blockchain, AI and IoT solutions, like e-Seals and Blueetooth/NFC technologies in order to ensure […]

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Within DocksTheFuture,  project funded by  the European Commission  aiming at defining the vision for the ports of the future in 2030, is born the “Network of Excellence”, gathering the most innovative ports willing to team up and take actions to support the maritime community achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through opportunities given by International funding […]

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Today the Detailed Implementation Plan for Motorways of the Sea was presented, setting the priorities for the creation of a sustainable, smart and seamless European Maritime Space. The Plan is the guideline for future policies for maritime activities inside the European Transport Network and aims at having a specific view at the opportunities and challenges per sea-basin. The plan is the result of […]

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Circle has launched, through its Connecting EU Business Unit, new services of “EU Branding” line of business. New services include digital and social multichannel promotion, organization of physical and virtual events and business to business matching, aimed at strengthening relations with stakeholders and improve positioning at a European level of companies and public organizations (such as […]

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In Circle

  • Luca Abatello
    Luca Abatello CEO
  • Alexio Picco
    Alexio Picco Managing Director
  • Andrea Grassullo
    Andrea Grassullo Software Development & IOT

    Supply Chain

  • Stefano Parisi
    Stefano Parisi Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Massimo Nervi
    Massimo Nervi Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Allison Lucero
    Allison Lucero Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Carlo Cecchi
    Carlo Cecchi Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Matteo Tebaldi

    Supply Chain

  • Francesco Atzeni
    Francesco Atzeni  TECHNICAL HELP DESK

    Supply Chain

  • Simone Siria

    Supply Chain

  • Marilena Branchina
    Marilena Branchina Innovation & Business Development

    Connecting EU

  • Marco Gorini
    Marco Gorini ICT Innovation & Business Development

    Connecting EU

  • Nicoletta Garzoni
  • Beatrice D’Auria
    Beatrice D’Auria EU Funding

    Connecting EU

  • Valeria Burlando
    Valeria Burlando Marketing
  • Marika Gillardo
    Marika Gillardo Marketing
  • Francesca Martino
    Francesca Martino Administration, Procurement & General Affairs
  • Monica Garneata
    Monica Garneata Administration, Procurement & General Affairs
  • Dolores Macchi
    Dolores Macchi Human Resources
  • Alessia Lorusso
    Alessia Lorusso Accounting
  • Veronica Asta
    Veronica Asta Optimization Models PHD Candidate (CIELI)

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