Circle wants every day to strengthen relations of trust and transparency with its customers and transform (“touch”) ideas into concrete and measurable business results, by providing process and management consulting services, innovative technological solutions and digital marketing solutions.

Circle is then a credible partner for Italian and European companies that want to seize the challenge of innovation, internationalization, growth through a better organization and effective processes.

Circle has a specific vertical expertise in ports, maritime and intermodal logistics that make it a distinctive and complete partner in this specific industry.


Circle, according to a strong committment about the need of improvement for business skills, started a path for a continuous improvement of the quality for the services provided and especially for a continuous optimization of the business processes.

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Furthermore all products and software solutions provided by Circle Group

are compliant with the European GDPR policies.

Circle Group inside the Supply Chain


Circle Group announces the new collaboration with ITALIANSPED, a SACMI Group company based in Imola and specialized in shipping, transport and integrated logistics services. Aimed at analysing requirements and solutions for the creation of a single portal for shipments’ traceability, the preliminary phase of the project includes an analytical activity – just completed – of […]

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Circle Group announces the entry of Alsea – an association that brings together companies active in transport and forwarding, logistics and multimodality – among the stakeholders of the European project FENIX. The project, coordinated at European level by ERTICO and at Italian level by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as beneficiary through TTS Italia, […]

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Thanks to the new Milos® Global Supply Chain Visibility for Manufacturing & Distribution suite, industrial companies (especially those with major international flows) can benefit from a single tool for dialogue with all the players involved in the process (shipping companies, shipping agencies, transporters, MTOs, shippers, customs, etc.) which ensures, among other success factors, the complete […]

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Through its subsidiary Info.era, Circle Group supports the path of digitisation of HHLA PLT Italy, Multipurpose Terminal inaugurated on January 7th 2021. The platform is located at Scalo Legnami, with new-equipped berth for Ro/Ro and cargo ships and rail tracks able to accommodate 600 metre-long trains. The provided solution, which is already in use in […]

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In Circle

  • Luca Abatello
    Luca Abatello CEO
  • Alexio Picco
    Alexio Picco Managing Director
  • Andrea Grassullo
    Andrea Grassullo Software Development & IOT

    Supply Chain

  • Stefano Parisi
    Stefano Parisi Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Massimo Nervi
    Massimo Nervi Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Allison Lucero
    Allison Lucero Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Matteo Tebaldi

    Supply Chain

  • Lucia Camilleri
    Lucia Camilleri Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Marco Carnaghi
    Marco Carnaghi Software Development

    Supply Chain

  • Simone Siria

    Supply Chain

  • Francesco Atzeni
    Francesco Atzeni  TECHNICAL HELP DESK

    Supply Chain

  • Beatrice D’Auria
    Beatrice D’Auria EU Funding

    Connecting EU

  • Marika Gillardo
    Marika Gillardo Global Supply Chain Visibility
  • Marilena Branchina
    Marilena Branchina Innovation & Business Development

    Connecting EU

  • Francesca Martino
    Francesca Martino Administration, Procurement & General Affairs
  • Marco Gorini
    Marco Gorini ICT Innovation & Business Development

    Connecting EU

  • Valeria Burlando
    Valeria Burlando Marketing

    Connecting EU

  • Monica Garneata
    Monica Garneata Procurement & Tenders
  • Alessia Lorusso
    Alessia Lorusso Accounting
  • Nicoletta Garzoni
  • Dolores Macchi
    Dolores Macchi Human Resources
  • Veronica Asta
    Veronica Asta Optimisation Models
  • Matteo Nicoli
    Matteo Nicoli Market & Business Process Analysis

    Supply Chain

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