Company Profile

Circle is a consultancy company providing process and management consulting services, innovative technological solutions and digital marketing solutions for transport and logistics sector.

Circle is a company oriented to innovation and characterized by a European Dimension of the business positioning and streamlined processes oriented to operative efficiency.

Specialized in the development of automation processes for ports, dry ports, logistics platforms and intermodal operators through Milos® – an innovative modular software for the optimization of transport of containers, trailers, vehicles and each type of goods along the supply chain – and Sinfomar® – Port Community System in use by the Port of Trieste – the company numbers today 45 professionals mainly involved in analysis of the processes, in software development, and in projects financed by EU, with a value of production in 2017 of more than EUR 2,4 million for Circle S.p.A. and more than EUR 4 million for Circle Group.

Thanks to the deep experience of its management not only in ICT field, but also in EU-funded projects, Circle assists indeed Public actors and Private companies in developing new businesses through specific instruments of Project Anticipation and EU Branding.


Our mission is to strengthen every day relations of trust and transparency with our customers and to transform (“touch”) ideas into concrete and measurable business results.

Circle is a credible partner for Italian and European companies that want to seize the challenge of innovation, internationalization and growth through a better organization and effective processes.

Main Milestones

Establishment of Circle S.r.l. through management buyout (MBO)

13 March 2012

WiderMos Project and digitalization of Port of La Spezia /Contship Group

11 March 2013

IKEA Digital Supply Chain Project

6 May 2014

Signing of the agreement with European DG MOVE for Motorways of the Sea – MoS Detailed Implementation plan

12 February 2015

LigurCapital and CapitalImpresa entering Circle’s share capital

8 March 2016

Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali – CILP Multipurpose Project

16 May 2017

Circle acquiring 51% of Info.era S.r.l.’s share capital

31 December 2017

Transformtion of the legal status into public limited company (S.p.A.)

6 August 2018

Activities and services

Thanks to the sinergy and complementarity among consultancy and innnovation, Circle approaches the market through 3 Business Units built up by a consultancy component and specific solutions and services:

  • Innovative & Smart Supply chain

If offers services to companies of port, transport and logistic       field to define strategies, new models, deals and partnerships    in order to optimize flow management, performances,         organization and operations. Main software products are       addressed to complementary targets: Milos® for intermodal   logistics and Sinfomar® for ports & maritime logistics.

  • Connecting EU

It assists Public actors and Private companies in developing new businesses through specific instruments of Project Anticipation and EU Branding.

  • Specialized Digital Multichannel Marketing

It offers services of analysis, definition and exploitation of digital communication tools to create the mix of interaction and engagement able to enhance the touch points and to build a brand experience ever richer and more customized.


Luca Abatello

Owner and CEO at Circle

Chairman at Info.era

Chairman at Log@Sea (Circle, Aitek and IB network)


Alexio Picco

Business Development and Funding Director at Circle

Member of the board at Circle

Member of the board at Info.era


ISO-9001_colISO 9001 Certification defines a uniform and shared working and control method, ensuring the involvement of suppliers and   professional partners, as well as ensuring the correct       interpretation    customers’ expressed and unexpressed needs,   with the aim of improving the quality of services provided.

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