Connecting EU

Focused exploitation of European funding supports Public Bodies and Companies in gaining com­petitive advantage via R&D activities results. All of this leads – faster – to new processes, services and marketing of new products, supporting promotion of technological and business development at an international level catalyzing, inter alia, innovation, economy of knowledge, jobs creation and growth, together with overall quality of life increase.

Think about it: what is a Best Practice? It’s not about inventing a project as a response to a Call for Proposals for sure. It’s the trust you put in professionals supporting you all along the project lifecycle and the germination of ideas through their selection and matching with the most suitable European co-financing programmes. Someone able to build consensus and cross-border consor­tiums around them. Acquaintance and a wide international network are our “tools of the trade” dedicated to the transformation of your ideas and needs into winning proposals.

EU funding check-up service

The EU funding check up service is developed to support Public actors to transform their policies into projects (“Touch policy”) and Private companies to foster their business (“develop business”) using innovative approaches combined with funding opportunities.


Our service will allow you in having at your desk an EU funding expert with more than 15 years experience in working with politicians, policy makers, industry, academics and third parties speci­fically in developing new public and private business using national and European funding and with a specific skill in creating, building and leading major initiatives within complex public and private organizations with a track record of successful cross-functional business development processes and large scale international consortia.

Circle consulting approach to EU Funded initiatives management

Project Anticipation
  • OBJECTIVES DEFINITION – From ideas to Project draft, targets/partners/programs matrix creation
  • PARTNER SEARCH –  Local Stakeholders gathering meetings animation, partnership setup
  • SCOUTING – Search for the most suitable cofunding EC program, opportunities (Call for Proposals) monitoring
  • PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT – Draft and budget, preliminary audit (Programme Managing Authority meeting included)
Project Assesment
  • Project Proposal drafts evaluation
  • Public Bodies or SME’s not-dedicated staff support
  • Evaluator’s Peer Review before Project submission
Project Lifecycle
  • NEGOTIATION – Integration of the proposal and negotiation with the Programme Managing Authority after approval
  • CONSORTIUM AGREEMENT – Model set-up and preliminary check
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Day-to-day Project Management activities
  • KICK-OFF MEETING – Project start with alll the partners engagement
  • TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL REPORTING – Project progress, mid-term and final financial reporting
  • DISSEMINATION – Internal and external communication by means of the different media and channels involved
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Ensuring of project sustainability after its and EC financial support ending



Circle is pleased to announce that a hand-over protocol has been signed with Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, which manages the infrastructure of the public ports of national importance in Bulgaria.The protocol is focused on the development of a project proposal for application for funding an open call for proposals under Connecting Europe Facility (2018 CEF […]

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On 28th november was held in Brussels the meeting of CPMR Transport Working Group, the Conference of the Peripheral Maritime Regions of EU, that brings together 60 European regions of 25 States. In this occasion, Marilena Branchina (Circle) presented DocksTheFuture, the european project selected within Horizon 2020 program, that will start on January 2018 and […]

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Circle gave its presentation in Barcelona during the 5th Med Ports Exhibition and Conference (25th-27th October). Circle boasts a deep knowledge of the Iberian Peninsula, having a paramount role in several EU-funded projects, and plays as advisor at different levels so far with a long lasting presence in the marketplace of Oporto (Portugal) through a strong partnership with the local company Magellan. […]

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