We support Public Authorities and Private Companies achieving their strategic objectives through European funding thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the transport policies and actors and the relevant experience in EU projects generation, negotation and management.


We design innovative tools for the positioning of companies specialized in port, transport and logistics, with specific marketing and communication actions, including business events, aimed at strengthening their relations and business proposals in Europe.

75% success rate

in EU funding selected  proposals

3,000 profiled subscribers to

15 Affiliations

in Association and Networks 

10 years of experience 

in the industry



⦿ Fund your innovative projects

⦿ Achieve your business development goals

⦿ Forecast policy and technological trends

⦿ Find new business partners

⦿ Increase credibility in new areas

⦿ Mantain high competitiveness


⦿ Multiannual project support for funding schemes

⦿  Programme scouting

⦿  Proposal preparation

⦿  Contract negotiation

⦿  Advanced project management & business development support

⦿  Consultancy on policy making

⦿  Advocacy in Brussels


⦿  Motorways of the Sea – Circle is the leading consultant entity supporting the European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea since 2016 (contract renewed in 2018 till 2022)

⦿  DocksTheFuture – Leading the Project, defining the vision for the ports of the future, covering issues such as emission reduction, energy transition, electrification, port-city interface and use of renewable energy management

Stay connected and look forward to develop your port,

logistics and shipping business using EU funding opportunities.



⦿ Promote your best practices to the European port & shipping community

⦿ Support you entering the international market 

⦿ Boost your relations in Brussels

⦿ Market your products and services toward a highly targeted audience

⦿ Help you find your next clients and partners through matchmaking service



⦿ Digital and Social multichannel communication

⦿ Conferences, workshops and seminars

⦿ Business to business matching

⦿ Brand new set of digital services

– Webinars  & Coffee Talks

– Online interviews & Video pills

– Live streaming

– Virtual conferences and exhibitions


⦿ 7 phisycal events in the last 3 years with a network of around 2.000 attendees

– Motorways of the Sea Fora (2016,2017,2018, 2019)

–  BILOG (2017,2019)

– Docks the Future expert workshop

⦿ Several digital events – i.e. Green Deal Webinar, Belt and Road Initiative Coffee Talks – with an average of 150 targeted audience

No commitment chat, feel free to reach out to discuss about

EU funding opportunities for your business.


strategic consultant able to build a successful proposal thanks to the planning of medium and long-term business priorities balanced with those of the European Commission

A unique player at international level, with an excellent knowledge of industry contents and specific expertise in designing the most effective formats and tools to disseminate them to the target audience (with extensive experience in transposing events in person into remote events thanks to organization of digital events since 2017 )

A partner with a consolidated network throughout Europe, both for the construction of a valuable content and for the recruitment  of  speakers and audience through a profiled database 

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Circle Group’s subsidiary Magellan Circle has been awarded indeed a grant which exceeds Euro 360,000 with Waste2BioComp project to convert organic waste into sustainable bio-based components. Waste2BioComp aims to demonstrate relevant scale production of bio-based products and materials, as alternatives to replace traditional materials with high environmental footprint, using innovative manufacturing technologies. The project will […]

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In the framework of the project TRIM “Technology and Industrial Research for Marine Mobility” , the National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Marine Engineering, organizes the “Education and training program for research and development experts in marine and maritime industries”. The program addresses three alternative objectives a) lightweight structures and new materials b) design techniques […]

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Digitalisation, Evolutive Customs Corridors, integration of the Supply Chain, Smart Terminals, A.I., but also Arctic Route, Hydrogen e Wind Propulsion are among the main issues of the digital event organized by Connecting EU, Business Unit of CIRCLE Group, scheduled to take place from 26-29 October. Keynote speakers will be Professor Carlo Secchi, Atlantic Corridor Coordinator, […]

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