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Board of directors

Abatello_2LUCA ABATELLO President

Owner and CEO at Circle from 2012, Chairman at Info.era since December 2017, Mr. Abatello has a previous ten years’ experience in the ICT, business advice and digital marketing sector, where he held growing positions up to Head of Business Solutions and Board of Directors member. Currently he is Chairman at Log@Sea, the Enterprise Network made by Circle, Aitek and IB Group.
With a Degree in Economics at University of Genoa (1999), Abatello has a Master’s Degree in Executive MBA – PIM at SDA Bocconi (2007).

Curriculum Vitae


Picco_2ALEXIO PICCO Councilor

Founding partner and Member of the Board at Circle since 2012 and Member of the Board at Info.era since 2017, Alexio Picco has a multi-annual experience working with politicians, policy makers, regulators, academics and third parties in passengers and freight transport innovation. With a Degree in Transport Enginnering at University of Genoa (2004), Picco is supporting since 2007 the European Commission in the evaluation of innovative projects. He is currently Business Development and Funding Director at Circle and leads the Connecting EU Business Unit, which supports and develops the business of public bodies and private companies through EU Branding and the search for funding opportunities.

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MessinaSTEFANO MESSINA Independent Councilor

Born in Genoa 50 years ago, he entered the family Group of companies mainly dealing with planning, administration, finance and control in the core business of liner shipping and international maritime transport services. He is currently Chairman of Gruppo Messina SpA, Vice President of Ignazio Messina and he also holds leading positions in other companies – he is Chairman of Four Jolly SpA (shipowning company in the tanker sector) and Chairman of Yarpa SpA (private equity company). From January 2018 he has been appointed Chairman of Assarmatori.

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Board of statutory auditors

VINCENZO CAMPO ANTICO – Chairman – Curriculum Vitae

ALESSANDRO REBORA – Statutory Auditor- Curriculum Vitae

STEFANO FILIPPINI – Statutory Auditor – Curriculum Vitae

SIMONA BACCO – Alternate Auditor – Curriculum Vitae

ANDREA CHIODI – Alternate Auditor – Curriculum Vitae

Corporate documents

Internal Dealing Procedure

Procedures for Operations with Related Parties

IPO Statute

Press relases


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Stock-exchange listing process started - 04/10/2018

Internal dealing


Internal Dealing_2019/03/22

Internal Dealing_2019/02/18

Internal Dealing_2019/02/13

Internal dealing_2019/02/08 II

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Corporate events


15 March 2019 – Board of Directors Approval of the draft of the Financial Statement and of the Consolidated Financial Statements at 31st December 2018

15 April 2019 – Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting – Approval of the Financial Statement at 31st December 2018 and presentation of the Consolidated Financial Statements

19 September 2019 – Board of Directors – Approval of the half-yearly Financial Report at 30 June 2019

Financial Reports


Circle Group - Six Monthly Financial Report 2018 - 30/06/2018


Circle Group - pro forma Financial Statement 2017 - 31/12/2017

Circle - Financial Statement 2017 - 31/12/2017

Shareholders meeting


No documents available at the moment

Information for shareholders

Main consultans

Nomad, Specialist, Global Coordinator and Bookrunner

Integrae_webIntegrae SIM S.p.A.

Via Meravigli 13 – 20123 Milan, Italy | VAT 02931180364


Financial Advisor 

Emintad_webEmintad Italy S.r.l.

Via della Moscova 18 – 20121 Milan, Italy | VAT 06829320966


IR TOP investoriiiiiiiiIR TOP S.r.l.

iiiiiiiiiVia C. Cantù 1 – 20123 Milan, Italy | VAT 13442940154


Legal Advisor 

LCA_Advisor LegaleiiiiiiiiiiiLCA Studio Legale

iiiiiiiiiiiiiVia della Moscova 18 – 20121 Milan, Italy | VAT 04385250966


Auditing Company

BDO webBDO Italia S.p.A.

Viale Abruzzi 94 – 20131 Milan, Italy | VAT 07722780967

Contact Point: Manuel Coppola |

Tax Advisor

Studio Palma webStudio Palma

Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/6C – 16121 Genoa, Italy | VAT 02442000994


Spreading insider dealing

The company uses the SDIR circuit managed by Computershare S.p.A. with registered office in via Lorenzo Mascheroni, n. 19, Milan, Italy

Stock market Data

Total ordinary shares: 3.154.650

  • Title code for Stocks : CIRC
  • ISIN code for Stocks: IT0005344996
  • Market : AIM ITALIA

Minimum order quantity: 600 and multiple

Share capital and shareholding

The subscribed and paid-up share capital is Euro 211.000, n. 3.154.650 ordinary shares

Shareholder N. of shares %
 Innotech  2.097.060 66,48%
 Alcalela  110.370  3,50%
 Ligurcapital  154.410  4,89%
 Capitalimpresa  154.410  4,89%
Market  638.400  20,24%
Totale Azioni 3.154.650 100,00%

Disclosure obligations of the Significant Shareholders

As set forth in the Regulations of the Issuers AIM Italia, Circle S.p.A. (the “Company”) must promptly communicate and make available to the public any Substantial Change communicated by the Significant Shareholders concerning ownership structure. Pursuant to the Regulations of the Issuers AIM Italia, anyone that holds at least 5% of the category of financial instruments of the Company is deemed “Significant Shareholder”.
Going over the 5% threshold and reaching or going over the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 66.6%, 75%, 90% and 95% constitutes, as set forth in the Transparency Regulations, a “Substantial Change” which the Significant Shareholders must communicate, as set forth in art. 11 of the Company Bylaws, to the Company’s Administrative Body.
In this regard, within four days of trading starting from the day on which the transaction entailing the Substantial Change was performed, each Significant Shareholder must notify the Company of the following information:
a) the identity of the Significant Shareholders;
b) the date on which the Substantial Change in the shares took place;
c) the price, the amount and the category of financial instruments of the Company involved;
d) the nature of the transaction;
e) the nature and the amount of the share of the Significant Shareholder in the transaction.
This communication may be made using the designated form attached below, sent in advance by email to the address and then sent in original by registered mail with return receipt to the Company.


Terms and Conditions

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Equity Research



AIM Investor Day - 2018/11/27

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