Fully operative Milos® TOS system (Terminal Operating System) provided by Circle S.p.A. to link ports of Trieste, Mersin, Pendik, Yalova, Patrasso and Bari.

Circle S.p.A. confirms and streghtens its presence in the MED area thanks to the launch of the new version of Milos® TOS Multipurpose system and to its full operativity in Trieste at Samer Seaports & Terminals and U.N. Ro-Ro., main Turkish operator recently hold in DFDS Group.

Milos® Terminal Operating System (TOS) has been designed to manage operative, safety, administrative and custom-related activities into a multipurpose terminal. Mi- los® TOS is interoperable with other stakeholder systems such as Port System Au- thorities, rail/intermodal and road transport companies, as well as Shipping Agencies and Shipowners.

The arrival at the Samer Terminal of the new ship “Ephesus Seaways” by DFDS Group, which it is managed by its Mediterranean Business Unit the largest Turkish logistics operator U.N. Ro-Ro, confirms the potentialities of the infrastructure system supported by Milos® TOS in regards to the operations of the multipurpose terminal. The Ephesus Seaways has represented a turning point for the Samer Terminal of the Trieste Port, also because of its technological and environmental innovation.

Samer Seaports & Terminals’s core business is focused on intermodal logistics by train, offering its service by more than 40 weekly trains to Austria, Germany and Luxembourg. The ability to provide such extensive and structured intermodal logistics services is one of the cornerstones of the success of Samer Seaports & Terminals, which relies on the Milos® TOS platform to efficiently manage the complete transport system between operators.

«The partnership with Samer Seaports & Terminals and DFDS-MED (U.N. Ro-Ro.) brings our Milos® TOS system towards a new dimension”, President and CEO of Circle S.p.A. Luca Abatello stated. “The main objective of the initiative that we support through our product is to digitize and streamline integrated customs, port and logistic processes, and the growth of Samer Seaports & Terminals results therefore represents a confirm of Circle’s strategies».

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