Circle SpA, (“Circle”), a company headed by the homonymous Group specialized in the analysis of processes and in the development of automation solutions and for the digitalization of the port sectors and intermodal logistics, listed on the AIM Italia market, organized and managed from Borsa Italiana, communicates its participation in the second edition of Egyptian Italian Dialogue on Maritime Economy in Cairo, held yesterday, October 22th 2019, to illustrate the opportunities of an international Corridor Management Platform (CMP) for the simplifications related to the “International Fast and Secure Trade Lanes ”(IFSTL) concept, based on the Milos® framework, the main product branded Circle.

Egyptian Italian Dialogue on Maritime Economy, in its second edition after the meetings of September 2018, links the two shores of the Mediterranean with particular focus on the maritime and transport sector. The event has included 3 parallel thematic workshops on topics of main common interest on Monday October 21th, followed by field visits for the Italian delegation to the Suez Canal Economic Zone, to the Port Authority of Alessandria, to the Port Authority of Damietta and in the shipyards of the Suez Canal, Port Said and Alexandria.

The Suez Canal is confirming itself as a fundamental strategic junction for global merchant traffic, having reached 983 million tons of goods transited in 2018. The first months of 2019 recorded + 6.7% of ships and an increase of + 8.9% of the tons of cargo transited through the Canal. Italy and Egypt share strategic interests in the maritime sector and intermodal logistics. Italy aims to strengthen the existing lines between the two countries thanks to stronger cooperation between national customs authorities, able to reach an operational model capable of extending the pre-clearing procedures, already existing in Italy and included in the European context. Italian companies and port authorities are interested in valuation of “Green corridors” for the transport of perishable goods and others, also thanks to the expertise of Italian ports – present at the event – in this sector.

Circle, thanks to its long experience in the development of innovative solutions for intermodal logistics and customs digitalisation, has been yesterday at the event with CEO Luca Abatello, who has illustrated the opportunities of an international Corridor Management Platform (CMP) for the simplifications linked to the “International Fast and Secure Trade Lanes” (IFSTL) concept.

The existing overall transport and management system is highly improvable and undergoes delays and costs caused by the obsolescence of procedures and infra- structures. The Corridor Management Platform (CMP) is aimed at eliminating delays and inefficiencies thanks to an anticipation and a standardization of information ex- change between all the actors in the logistics chain. The benefits of creating a CMP concern the digitalisation and simplification of the process, a real-time monitoring of the goods and the visibility of the end-to-end logistics chain.

Circle, during the meeting with the Egyptian operators, has therefore presented all the capacities of the Milos® Suite, the main product branded Circle, able to expand the IT capabilities of the Port Authorities and to completely automate the Gate Port Security operations (for the extra EU areas), also supporting customs ones. Thanks to these experiences and skills, Circle has already supported the La Spezia Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea in implementing the CMP which involves the whole inland and port logistics chain, as well as working with the Port of Genoa and Port of Trieste for international corridor projects.

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