Circle S.p.A. (“Circle”), a Company listed on AIM Italia, leading its own Group specialized in process and management consulting services and in providing innovative technological solutions for transport and logistics sector, listed on the AIM Italia Market, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana, communicates its participation in the seventh edition of “Mediterranean Ports & Shipping”, previously “Med Ports”, in Casablanca from 25 to 27 June 2019.

The “Mediterranean Ports & Shipping” fair is one of the main events of the MED area for port facilities, shipping logistics and transport. The fair is developed around the themes of intermodal logistics and port challenges, addressing the problems and prospects of the sector through targeted conferences and meetings.

Circle will also be present at the fair through the speech, scheduled for Wednesday 26th, entitled: “Global Supply Chain Visibility. Assuring Data Sharing and Interoperability through the International Fast & Secure Trade Lane Approach”.

The main topics which will be enlighted during the speech are:

  • The impact of digitalisation and automation on Global Supply Chain models;
  • Circle’s vision on International Fast & Secure Trade Lanes;
  • Circle’s new international projects.

Circle boasts a long experience in the field of digitalization and automation of intermodal logistics. The International Fast Trade Lane procedure concerns the implementation of digitalised procedures among the actors involved in the Supply Chain using innovative technologies such as RFID, Blockchain and IoT to monitor the goods and streamline the entire logistics process. The Casablanca fair represents therefore an important moment of sharing the new perspectives of Circle in optics IoT, Big Data Management and IFSTL, on which the company is developing new products and partnerships.

Mediterreanean Ports & Shipping presents a two-day program with dozens of high-level speakers to address the problems of the logistics and transport infrastructure sector. Over 300 government officials from across the Mediterranean area are expected to attend the event.

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