On 19th and 20th September Paweł Wojciechowski, the Rhine – Alpine Corridor European Coordinator, visits the Ligurian Ports. The visit is the opportunity to go deep into the knowledge of the Ligurian Port System and to meet the Institutions and the Operators. Specifically, among the other programs, there’s the welcome meeting at Sala dei Capitani (Genoa Port Authority, Palazzo San Giorgio) and a visit in the afternoon to the ports of Savona and Vado Ligure and the VIO Intermodal Terminal and Logistics centre. Circle took part to the welcome meeting and will be in the afternoon on 19th of September  at Savona, as consultant of the Savona Port Authority for the development and management of co-funded projects. Among the themes that will be treated the effective integration of the multimodal system with the  Core TEN-T  Network to make easier the movements of the goods towards the intermodal and logistics hubs in the hinterland and the movement along the Corridors to the European destinations.

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