It took place on the 16th June at the Congress Centre Albert Borschette in Brussels, the “Motorways of the Sea Forum”, an initiative supported by the Directorate – General for Mobility and Transport of the European Community with the promotion of the European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea (MoS) Brian Simpson OBE.
The Forum aimed to better define the priorities and the future strategies of the Motorways of the Sea by collecting additional contributions both from players already involved into MoS Projects and from industry stakeholders further to the presentation of the MoS Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) at EU Parliament by Mr. Simpson in June 2016.

MoS Coordinator is supported by a team of experts, guided by Circle that is in charge of communication activities related to MoS, of the organization of the Fora (three of them were dedicated to each of the three pillars of the Detailed Implementation Plan) and of the Final conference, of the study on the “TEN-T MoS horizontal priority” and, together with other partners, has been developing the Detailed Implementation Plan since the beginning of 2016.

In addition, On the MoS Way, a digital multichannel platform dedicated to Motorways of the Sea themes – meaning Door-to-Door maritime and logistics chain, with a specific attention on LNG contents – whose main aim is to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of logistics, freight and maritime co-modal transport, became since January 2016 the official portal for the Motorways of the Sea. On the MoS Way is the official tool for the dissemination of MoS Detailed Implementation Plan and contains a special session dedicated to the three MoS pillars.

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