lugoLugo Terminal, a private logistics company operating an intermodal hub in central Italy, in Lugo, and one in south Italy, in Giovinazzo, has recently planned to boost its offer by launching two new logistics services. In order to properly face  the upcoming challenges, has chosen Circle as its technological partner. Lugo Terminal in order to manage its logistics activities, has adopted MILOS, the modular software solution developed by Circle. In particular Circle is the partner for a developmental process of automation and digitalization of the operation and procedures: in a first phase with Milos Booking module the logistics operator can fully digitalize its booking procedure and with Milos Rail Management module Lugo Terminal can manage rail planning activities relating to its commercial routes. In the upcoming  months, new functionalities will be added to MILOS Rail Management, such as MILOS Mobile, for digitalizing handling activities of yard operators by using a mobile app, MILOS Gate Automation module, for automating gate operation and MILOS Weight verification, for digitalizing and automating the interchange of data related to Verified Gross Mass among the authorized actors.

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