Circle has supported some of the most important Italian logistic players along their way towards automation and digitization of procedures and information flows. In particular, with the projects “Rail Gate Automation” and “Railway Fast Corridor“, Circle contributes to maximize the efficiency of the operating procedures of the Padua Inland Terminal  and to the realization of  the complete digitization of the “Railway Fast Corridor”, from the port of La Spezia towards Padua Inland Terminal.  Circle has collaborated with Nola Inland Terminals, Central Tuscany Inland Terminal and Vespucci Inland Terminal, supporting them in the evolution of their operational customs and IT services. Projects with Noberasco and Snatt Logistica/Omlog are ongoing and also with important multinational companies that export their goods from four Italian ports. Circle has strengthen its position on international level,establishing promising relations in Saudi Arabia, in Turkey and in Morocco. 2017 is seen full of important innovative changes for further development and consolidation of the innovative solution MILOS and the strengthening of the presence on international level.”


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