Circle’s shareholders’ meeting, which took place last 6th August in Genoa, has decided to transform the legal status of the company into public limited company (S.p.A.) with immediate effect.
The decision was shared by all shareholders, i.e. companies InnoTech S.r.l., attributable to Circle’s President and CEO Luca Abatello, and Alcalela S.r.l., attributable to Circle’s Counselor Responsible for Connecting EU Business Unit Alexio Picco, and funds Ligurcapital S.p.A. and Capitalimpresa S.p.A. .
Motivated by the greater opportunities for growth of public limited companies, which are more suitable for big investments, this important trasformation follows “Circle 2020” strategic development path and will further strengthen Circle both in terms of an organisational and economic-financial point of view.
“Circle’s trasformation into a public limited company – explained President and CEO Luca Abatello – is connected to the opportunities for dimensional growth, reinforcement of strategic alliances and to new opportunities of a financial nature which are prevented to other legal forms”.

Download here the press release

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