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Circle’s Smart Visual Merchandising is a system of tools for communication and loyalty marketing that, interacting with each other and with customers inside and outside the point of sale, allows precise profiling and the multiplication and enhancement of opportunities for contact. Totem touch screens, Videowalls, instore Tablets, Digital/Smart/Virtual Fidelity Cards dematerialised onto smartphones, Couponing and Qr code manager linked to Mobile Payment and Wearable devices are all tools that, managed in a coordinated and synergistic manner, enable  investment optimisation.

Circle goes with the customer for the choices of Digital Multichannel Communication. Thanks to the strengthened know how and to a long time experience, Circle supports the creation of the Coordinated Digital Image: from web site, to mobile app, from social media management to e-commerce, to contest management and advertising campaigns. As well as the supplying  of the hardware devices for the instore communication solutions, the  software development and customization and also the “strategic positioning” of the instore tools.

Smart Visual Merchandising consists of several components:

Communication Management Console

The communication schedule is decided upon and managed centrally by the communication and marketing offices of a company via a user-friendly interface dashboard and is completely autonomous.  The schedule can include audio, video, website and app dashboard, is displayed on a wide range of media (totems, videowalls, tablets) and is updated in real time. Content can be profiled based on channel/cluster: e.g. communication managed for groups of devices in a store or by the characteristics of customer master data, identified by the smart fidelity card.

Smart fidelity card

Loyalty policies  can be managed through fidelity cards which are dematerialised and integrated within smartphones.  The smart fidelity card ensures the customer master data is constantly updated, manages the collection of points with reward thresholds, includes a couponing and discounts system, integrated with possible gaming logic and coupon exchange, and is useful to launch co-marketing policies and to create direct connection with the digital channels of the brand. In addition, through the interaction of the smartphone with instore devices (totems, tablets) it allows user recognition and the proposal of profiled content. The phases of pre-sales, purchase and post-sales are managed on a digital medium that also enables push communications.

Interaction Channels: Totem / Tablet / Videowall

Videowall – modular with a variable number of monitors it is able to disseminate communication for example based on the time of opening of the store, on the relevant department, on the portion of videowall defined.  This tool provides important visual impact, offering clear and immediate identification of the brand and of positioning.

Tablets and Totems  – these devices not only convey the centrally defined communication schedule but allow for direct interaction with the customer. It is possible to show the web site, the e-commerce, the apps; it offers entertainment, interaction with the barcode/QR code of a product and provides information on features and promotions; it can be used to develop interaction with the Smart Fidelity Card of the customer to convey profiled communication based on the relevant cluster and to suggest products and customised offers

QR code manager

Circle’s QR code manager is a solution that, through simple web interfaces, allows the company to autonomously generate QR static (with descriptive text) and  dynamic codes (to redirect to particular web content) that can be applied on advertising, on labels and on in-store media, to promote, for example, detailed information or to run contests and sponsorships.  The company can change the content to which it redirects the QR code at any time and monitor end statistics of campaigns run.

The Smart Visual Merchandising is natively integrated with

Existing System Components: through connectors the Smart Visual Merchandising system is integrated with other system components already present such as business ERP, CRM, BI, store check-out system, e-commerce, existing fidelity system and vertical applications.

Wearable devices: the fidelity card dematerialised with integrated loyalty logic is also developed to be compatible with smart watches.  In addition, the Smart Fidelity Card  is natively integrated with payment systems via NFC thereby optimising the customer experience, concentrating within a single device the actions of payment and points accumulation.

Beacon & NFC label: the customer, by swiping their smartphone Virtual Fidelity Card over a “smart” label featuring NFC technology, can obtain the characteristics of the product and access information, multimedia content and coupons, thus triggering cross- and up-selling as well as loyalty opportunities. Beacon interaction instead activates a push logic: the user is recognised upon entry into the store and the Virtual Fidelity Card suggests opportunities for discounts related to the time period and the loyalty threshold of the customer. The Beacon push action can also be used for Out of Store interaction: it intercepts the user suggesting offers and promotions to them. The Store Traffic Driver function creates engagement logics based for example on Check-In time (relation between the number of entries and use of coupons).


Retail - flagship stores and multi-brand stores

Retail - flagship stores and multi-brand stores

Large-Scale Distribution

Large-Scale Distribution


Circle’s Smart Visual Merchandising is a solution intended for the Retail world, both for flagship stores in which to create an enhanced customer experience and for multi-brand stores in which to create branded corners that allow the channelling of more detailed communication.

The solution is also configurable for Large-Scale Distribution thanks to the ability to integrate the SVM system with existing CRM platforms and loyalty cards. The dematerialised fidelity card is able to interact with a series of touch points distributed at strategic points.

Furthermore the Smart Visual Merchandising solution can be used for cultural activities such as in museums and at exhibitions, both indoors and outdoors, at tourist information points or branded within metropolitan areas.




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