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Tim Newbound parla agli innovatori di tutti i sistemi operativi dei terminali (TOS) mercato riguardo a “mega navi”, modularità e al fare passi avanti nel campo dell’automazione.

Sembra quasi ovvio il riferimento a Circle..

In our vision, the evolution of terminal operating systems is focused on three additional and integrated modules: Corridor Management, eCustoms (digital procedures) Management and Intermodal & Rail Management,” says Abatello Luca, CEO  at Circle srl. The Italian company’s Corridor Management Platform is designed to significantly improve the reliability and predictability of international door-to-door freight transport. It does this by optimising the cooperation between all the public and private parties on a trade corridor.The system integrates a multitude of IT systems along the chain of trade, enabling the exchange of intermodal freight information.This results in an interface that draws in the data from third parties, or provides links to access relevant information – for example from port community systems, multimodal terminal operators and inland transport operators.This, Circle states, facilitates fast and reliable access to data and services.

The system is optimised from a ‘Ten-T-first’ perspective, developed to deal with the busiest intermodal transport networks of Europe.

Particularly significant is the WiderMos project, coordinated between the ports of La Spezia (Italy), Rostock and Kiel (Germany), and Barcelona (Spain). The system’s eCustoms  module is designed for computerisation and automation of customs procedures within the EU legal framework, with a specific focus on the intra-Mediterranean countries. Circle is in the production stage of applying this concept for Genoa’s Fast Customs Corridor, involving Genoa Port and Rivalta Dry Port among the Rhine Alpine Corridor. The Railway Management module of the system is designed to graphically display and manage the operations inside terminal rail yards.The module also allows for the graphical management of all rail operations. Its aims are to manage the containers loading and discharging from rail cars, and the composition of the train with the related wagons moves.

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